Agriculture consulting
All crops are different and every problem unique. This means that specialist problem solving strategies are required. A comprehensive maintenance or plant management plan needs to be implemented to bring the fertility status of the field to an optimal level. Care should also be placed on proper weeding and pruning of the project. A good management plan therefore seeks to take advantage of the bioclimatic resources of the project to mitigate limitations posed by natural resources.

Successful production therefore hinges on integrating the bio climate resources with sound agronomic principles. The agronomic practices include the use of the right variety for the right soil and climate, land preparation, fertilization, planting, weed control, disease control and the proper harvesting methods.
Verso Agri Consult offers services in:
Enterprise and Project Evaluation
Project Development
Comprehensive Benchmark Service
Enterprise and Project Monitoring
Due-diligence Studies
Project assessments and agriculture planning and forecasting

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