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The InTouch mobile app allows clients of Verso Financial Services exclusive access to their personal fund information. It allows them to view their fund values, access annual benefit statements as well as manage and update their contact details and beneficiaries, securely and easily from their mobile device.

Verso InTouch Terms and Conditions.



Q Where can I find the INTOUCH App?
A The INTOUCH mobile application is available from the Apple App Store and also from the Google Play store. You need to be running iOS 8 or higher for the Apple version. To run the app on Android you need to be running version 4 and higher for Android. Any lower versions for the respective platforms are not supported.
Q Will the mobile app run on my tablet?
A The mobile application was designed to run on a mobile phone. However it can run on most tablets but your screen scaling may be out of alignment. Also make sure you run the minimum version of the operating system for your device.
Q Will I be able to install the mobile app on more than one device?
A You will be able to install the application on more than one device however we may send you notifications from time-2-time and you will only receive the notification on the last known device that the app was installed on.


Q How do I register for a username and password?
A If you already use the Verso Web portal then you will use the same username and password to login into the mobile app. If you are not currently in possession of a username and password then please proceed by clicking on the link below and complete the required fields on the form that opens in your web browser.
New User Registration
In case you forgotten your username and password then please proceed by clicking on the following link to reset your password. You will receive a SMS containing your username and new password. Forgotten Password
Q How important is my cell phone number?
A Your Cell phone number is critical to the registration process. If we do not have your cell phone number on record you will not be able to register for a username and password. It is critical that you keep your personal and contact details up to date with the Fund.
Q Can I “share” the INTOUCH mobile application with another person?
A You will not be able to change your username after you have successfully logged. We have designed the application this way to make it easier for you to use.
Q Can I change my password in the mobile application?
A No, we will be adding this as a new feature in upcoming versions of the mobile application. For now please visit www.verso.co.za and click on the “Client Login”. Once logged in please proceed to change your password by clicking on the menu item labeled “Change Password”.


Q What current features are available in the app?
A Current features include View Contributions and Investments, Salary History, Estimated Benefits, Member Personal Information.

The mobile application also allows you to edit selected contact details. You are also able to download your annual benefit statement to your phone.
Q What information can I change or keep updated?
A For now we only allow you to update your address details and preferred method of communication. In the next update we will allow you to update your telephonic contact details. Soon you will also be able to update your email address.

Upcoming Features

Q Can I expect new features to be added?
A Yes, we will be adding new features on a regular basis. Some of the features that you can expect are as follow:

• Allow the editing of contact and work related telephone numbers
• Support for Pensioners
• Windows Mobile version
• In-app Change Password
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Should you wish to give us feedback regarding the INTOUCH App then please email us on the below email address.

[email protected]
021 943 5300

[email protected]
021 943 5300

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