Verso’s SMS technology
Verso’s SMS technology offers the following services to our members whose employer has elected these services as part of their fund offering:

How much does it cost?
This is a no-charge service!

How does it work?
Members often wish to know if Verso has received their claim forms and want to track the activity in the administration department. So once a claim is submitted, Verso’s system automatically sends an SMS to the member with claim progress updates. This way, members are kept informed.

Members are also kept up-to-date on any significant events.


How much does it cost?
SMS’s are charged at standard SMS rates.

How does it work?
Verso-interAct allows the member to access data at Verso without having to phone or fax our offices. Once registered onto the system, the member can access specific personal data by sending a code specific SMS to the security system, the system will then promptly respond with the information requested. The designated number to send the SMS to is 083 855 5677.

How does it work?
EB – for members to receive their estimated resignation benefit value in the Fund.
COE – for pensioners to confirm if the Fund has received their Certificate of Existence, and
ADR – for the members home address details as per our records.

The member would SMS his/her pension number followed by a space and then the required code. To see a full list of up to date codes available for enquiries the member would SMS his/her pension number followed by a space and the word HELP.

What must the member do to belong to the above services?
A member can either:

Contact his/her Employer or Human Resources department or;
If the member has access to the internet, he/she can self-register at the login page VFS Member Login.

Once registered the member will have ‘Member Level Web Access‘ and be registered for SMS Services.


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