Member Communication and Education
We believe it’s critical that fund members are well informed about their rights, responsibilities and options. We offer several services and platforms to enhance member communication and education.
Member Services
Direct web access to your portfolio
Verso InterAct SMS technology enables members to request their latest fund value via SMS

The InterAct service allows members to access data at Verso Financial Services from their mobile phone by following these simple steps.

Send an SMS to: 37463

In the body of the message, type your pension number, leave a space and then enter one of the codes given below.

Current available codes are:
EB – To receive your estimated benefit value in fund
COE – For pensioners to confirm that the fund has received their Certificate of Existence
ADR – To receive your home address details as per Verso’s records

*Members need to be registered on the system to use the InterAct service

Verso InTouch SMS technology keeps members informed on fund matters and claims progress

When a member submits a claim the InTouch SMS service will automatically SMS the member updates at significant stages of their claim.

This service is free and directly available to members.

Verso InTouch Mobile App

Retirement Replacement Ratio Projection (3RP) statements

Employer Services
Web access to fund details, including claim tracking
Responses to the Pension Funds Adjudicator regrading complaints
Administration reports
Cash flow reports

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