Personal Risk Management
Our professional financial planners will provide you with strategies and techniques to manage financial exposure due to personal risk such as death, disability and critical illness. Services include calculating your liquidity in your estate at death, calculating the needs of your dependents after you passed away. We can also assist to establish your needs when a disability event or critical illness such as cancer, heart attack or stroke should happen.

More about Verso Wealth

Verso Wealth specializes in providing Financial Planning to individuals. Our planning methodology is based on a recognised international process and any advice given will be provided in the form of a financial plan making it easier for our clients to follow suggested strategies and to achieve their life goals by way of proper financial management. Our financial planners are qualified to offer advice on all aspects of your personal financial position, but we specifically make it our business to focus on your investments, retirement planning and personal risk planning (assurance). We also make use of specialists, where required, to provide you with advice on tax and estate planning.

Verso Wealth has a transparent fee structure empowering clients with the knowledge of what exactly we earn for our advice and how it is calculated. Further it is important to note that our professional financial planners are remunerated by way of salary and not commission.

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