PAIA prescribed forms:

Form 2: Request for access to record – public and private bodies
Form 3: Outcome of request and of fees payable – public and private bodies
Form 4: Internal appeal – public bodies only.

Form 2 deals with a requester’s request for access to a record in terms of Regulation 7. The new form contains three changes compared to the old version:

• Requesters can request a copy of a record that has been stored on a cloud server.
• The manner of access to information have been expanded to include cloud share or file transfer to the requester.
• Requesters can specify how they would like to be informed whether their request has been approved or denied. The option to select postage to the requester’s street address has been deleted and replaced with the option for the requester to be informed by means of electronic communication.

Form 3 deals with the outcome of the requester’s request and the fees payable in respect thereof (Regulation 8).

Form 4 is an internal appeal form for public bodies only, whereby a requester or a third party acting on a requester’s behalf may lodge an internal appeal against a decision regarding the requester’s request for access to information (Regulation 9).
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